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About Black Earth Children's Museum

A focus on 

fun and play.

About the museum

We are a community-supported museum funded by our members and local donors. You can enjoy the over 50 handmade exhibits on a single floor with no corporate logos to commercialize your experience. Come visit our always changing museum and become part of our caring community.


Our mission is to Inspire youth and families to discover more about themselves, their communities and their world through hands-on interactive learning.



Our vision is to create a welcoming environment that provides a respite for parents and a stimulating experience for children. With a focus on fun and play, parents and children can share a visit that is educational and relaxing. Through exhibits and programming our aim is to strengthen the bonds of our regional community. We believe that the small size of the museum provides a space for comfortable connections between our guests both young and old. Our events are tailored to enhance those connections and address the needs of our community.



Hear from parents and caregivers just like you who have joined our small town community of members.

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