Our Mission  & Vision



Inspire youth and families to discover more about

themselves, their communities and their world

through interactive learning.  


Our vision is to create and maintain a vibrant and engaging community space for children and their caregivers to learn and play together. Through these interactions and also through our programming and events, we aim to foster the growth of our regional community: economically, academically and   community- connectedness. 

Historic Location

Black Earth Children's Museum    has brought new life to a special & historic location in Black Earth, WI. The building that we are located in was once home to the first cooperative in the United States. The Patrons' Mercantile Co-Op opened April 9, 1894 and then moved to our building in 1897. A fire in 1933 destroyed the original building but it was rebuilt within 9 months of the fire and the Co-Op operated in the building until 1994. Many local residents have stories to share of time spent as a patron of the Co-Op. Since its inception, the building has been about supporting the community, and we strive to continue that mission.