The Veterinary Clinic

Be a part of making this exciting new exhibit a reality at Black Earth Children's Museum.  This  concept won the most votes  in our survey of what you wanted to see us provide for a new exhibit. The vet clinic      will feature hands -on learning through lots of fun play. We'll challenge the young vets to exam the pets and analyze the pet ailment through x-rays and "lab" tests. Then the kids can follow  charts that lead  them to a diagnosis and treatment plan. Or they can just hug the  full size  cat and dog.


Dramatic play area with dress-up clothes and full size dog and cat. The project challenge will be to examine the pet, analyze the symptoms and take appropriate medical and pharmaceutical action.


Lab coats and gloves available just outside the half door. A clockwise flow around the room allows the ordering of tasks in a diagnostic progression.

Rotating wall exhibits keep the room looking fresh  for   repeat visits.


Real xrays of cats and dogs with specific ailments  challenge the child to take action. A chart  will show the procedure to take to correct an    issue.

Working scale and rotating wall interactive quizzes with   vet oriented information displays round out the exhibit.


Interactive “equipment” allows children to view actual

slides of dog and cat conditions and then through a chart    prescribe a path to bring the pet back to health. 

Children can remove the pet from the cages and place it on the scale as the first step in the exam process.

lets eat.jpg

These wall exhibits would change through out the year to keep the exhibit fresh for repeat visitors.

Look like fun?

We think this will be a museum favorite in the future. We also hope it may inspire future veterinarians with a taste of the profession in a fun engaging way.


Can  you help us reach our goal?